AcousTex fabrics are engineered to maximize the acoustical
performance of a speaker.  The fabric exhibits a high degree (97%-98%)
of sound transparency as measured by the ASTMC-423-90a.

AcousTex is ideal for speaker grilles, entertainment centers, home
theater systems, sound absortion panels or any application where sound
transparency is critical. The fabric is also designed for commercial
installations such as auditoriums‚ theatres and concert halls.
Additionally, all AcousTex fabrics are infrared transparent.

AcousTex Fabrics are also designed to exceed the specifications for both
the aviation and nautical industries.

Fabrics can be ordered in quantities as minimal as one-half a yard.  
Orders are generally shipped via UPS the same day.
Contents :
100% woven polyester
Width :
66"  (167cm.)
Flammability :
Class A of ASTM E-84, State of
California Tech.
Bulletin 117 Sec E  (CS-191-53)
CUSTOM SERIES PATTERN 7676 (Paintable)  
Contents :
Polyester/PVC on polyester
Width :
63"  (160 cm.)
Flammability :
California U.S. Title 19 (small scale),
NFPA 701-2004 TM#1 (small scale),
NFPA 101 (Class A Rating),
UBC (Class 1) and BS 5867
NFPA 701TM#2 Large Scale
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